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SubZero and Wolf Ranges Come to Kitchens Bespoke

We recently supplied and installed our first top of the range products from Sub Zero and Wolf into the fantastic Victorian redevelopment in Richmond. The client opted for the newly redesigned Sub-Zero BI-36R Refrigerator the largest capacity freezer, the Sub-Zero ICBBI-36F.

Key features

Air Purification – Bacteria, odours and ethylene gases are significantly reduced by this advanced air purification system, which scrubs the air inside the refrigerator every 20 minutes, helping extend the life of your fresh foods.

Flip-Up Grille – All built-in models have a flip-up grille, making it easier to clean your condenser.
Advanced Lighting – Bright lighting spreads even illumination throughout each section.The source of the illumination is concealed.

Freshness Cards – Reference cards inside the unit will guide you in proper storage of fruits, vegetables, meats, etc.

Adjustable Shelves – The spill-proof cantilevered glass shelves make repositioning quick and easy. In-door shelves are adjustable in 25 mm increments for complete flexibility.

High Humidity Compartment – The two, large, deep roll out high humidity drawers have a removable divider and are constantly maintained at one degree celcius cooler than the rest of the unit offering unbeatable freshness for your fresh produce.